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Maggie, an up and coming perfumer, finds Ulrich Von Strauss, a famous
chemist from Germany. Maggie has a striking resemblance to his late wife Vera. Vera killed herself after using one of Ulrich’s experimental scents. A scent that creates ecstasy but massive depression. Ulrich swore never to work again. Only until Maggie, with her doppelganger appearance, makes a deal to save his foreclosed house if he helps her find a new scent. Unfortunately, Ulrich has lost his sense of smell. He decides to try an experimental drug, untested, and causes the side effect of aggression. During their experiments, Maggie meets Johnny and romance blossoms. Ulrich’s jealousy and reaction to the experimental drug gets the best of him as he hunts down the couple. Only Maggie can save their lives in this modern-day tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Army Boots


Matthew, a hopeful Olympic swimmer, retraces his grandfather’s footsteps reading his journal from the Holocaust. In the journal are the horrors of war, but he finds a hidden map leading to Nazi gold hidden in Austria. Following the map, Matthew and his best friend Johnny, go backpacking across Europe to Austria. They meet several key players that turn out to have alternative motives and join this adventure to find treasure. His grandfather’s journal instructs him to journey to Lake Toplitz. The local legend has it that the German SS dumped gold into the lake. However, scuba diving at the lake is dangerous and prohibited. Crossing the line, they go into the deep. Each step of the way our hero needs to find out where the gold is before others beat him to the loot. 

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